Month: September 2015

Only 8 tickets remaining

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we have only 8 tickets remaining for our event on the 18th October.  We look forward to cooking for you


Archway with(out) Words event hosted by Pureism. Tickets now on sale

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As the week of inspiration, laughter, and tales draws to a close, come and join us at Archway with(out) words. In honour of the festival we all know and love, Pureism will be hosting a light Japanese dinner, which will be served in complete silence. Come and experience the rarity of quietness within the city, and take time to listen to the sound of your own heart.

Following the tradition of ichi-juu san-sai (一汁三菜), the foundation of Japanese food as we know it, Pureism will serve a balanced meal inspired by the Zen temples of Japan.  The meal will include soup, rice and three side dishes, accompanied with home-made pickles.  Japanese tea will also be served.
Pureism have trained in the Zen temples of Japan. Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of Zen temple cuisine, we will offer a vegan-friendly meal that is organic and locally sourced.