Previous Supperclub – 8th August, 2015

Come and celebrate the summer with Pureism.  After 4 months training across Zen temples in Japan, and holding various events in Tokyo, London and Paris, Pureism are back for their next London supperclub.  Following the principles of Zen Buddhism, Pureism will be showcasing a six-course vegan meal using seasonal produce.  The night will be accompanied by the world-acclaimed Shamisen master Hibiki Ichikawa and folk singer Akari Mochizuki and hosted in The Red Hedgehog, which is especially opening for this event

Menu for the night

Watercress and spinach salad with a sesame and wasabi dressing


Avocado and tomato jelly topped with a sweet white miso sauce


Soya and sesame infused soup


Vegetable croquet topped with a seasonal fruit and kuzu sauce


Seasonal short-grain rice


Home made pickles


Shiso sherbet

(please not there may be slight changes to the menu depending on what is available at the time of cooking)


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