This is what diners at our Tokyo event (April 2015) were saying : 

“It was brilliant”
“It was my pleasure attending such a wonderful shojin-ryori full course dinner.  I absolutely enjoyed the whole experience, including the food itself, presentation and the entire company.  I loved the name tag made with a leaf.  The menu was all interesting and tasty (I want the recipes for some of the dishes, if possible!), and I got quite full in the end.  Thank you so much for all the hard work that all of you have put into to make it work”

This what diners at our Archway event (Nov, 2014) were saying :

“Different, interesting, intriguing, well priced, peaceful”

“Would definitely recommend it to others-a very different and friendly dining experience”

“I have already recommended the supper club to many friends as it was a very unique and different evening to attend”

“Really enjoyable, opened our eyes and taste buds to a type of Japanese food we rarely get in London”


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